Why choose Germany as your place for eloping and destination wedding?

Germany is our home country. We love having the centre of our lives here. 


We, that's Silke & Chris, and we have been a couple for a long time and are still madly in love with each other.  We were both born in Mainz and have deep roots in this beautiful city on the Rhine. But we feel at home everywhere on this earth. We are open to new destination wedding adventures, happy to accompany you on your plans and dreams in all parts of the world and are also happy to be your wedding photographer and wedding videographer in the whole of Germany.


We come as a photography and film team, but we leave as friends. We document the story of your elopement or your destination wedding: from joy, tears and happiness to exuberant celebrations.


Germany boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, with stunning forests, mountains, and lakes. Whether you choose to elope in the Bavarian Alps, the Black Forest, or in one of the stunning medieval castles in the Rhine Valley, you will be surrounded by breathtaking scenery that will make for stunning wedding photos.


Germany is home to many unique wedding venues, from medieval castles to modern art galleries. You can choose to exchange your vows in a romantic castle, a rustic barn, a history laden old vinery, a luxury hotel or a stylish rooftop terrace. These venues offer a unique and memorable setting for your destination wedding day, and many are steeped in centuries of history and tradition. Planning castle weddings or a luxury wedding in one of the beautiful German vineyards will make the celebration of your marriage an unforgettable adventure.

Germany has a rich cultural heritage, with a long history of art, music, and literature. You can incorporate some of this heritage into your elopement by choosing a location that has cultural significance or by including traditional German elements in your ceremony or reception.


Germany is famous for its delicious food and drink, from hearty sausages and schnitzel to world-class beers and wines. You can indulge in some of these culinary delights during your elopement and enjoy a romantic dinner for two at a local restaurant. And for your destination wedding you will find joy in one of the many excellent restaurant locations, often situated in historic buildings, and enjoy the world class German white whines in regions like Rheingau, Rheinhessen or Pfalz.


Elopements are all about adventure, intimacy and romance, and Germany offers plenty of opportunities for couples to connect and create meaningful memories. From cosy countryside pensions to luxurious castle hotels and romantic mountain resorts, there are plenty of venues for eloping with your loved one on your wedding day. 


For the guests on your destination wedding Germany offers a wide range of activities, attractions and adventure to enjoy. Cities like Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg or Munich provide a rich urban experience, with lots of world famous museums, a rich cultural environment and an unforgettable party nightlife.  Your guests will love exploring all that Germany has to offer and making lasting memories alongside your wedding celebrations. When you elope or get married in a destination wedding planning a trip through some of the beautiful Germany countrysides with your big day at the center of the experiences will leave an unforgettable mark for guests of romantic weddings. Elope with us as your photographers and get married in exceptional places any time of the year. Silke & Chris Photography will be your photographers and guides on your romantic journey through Germany - from Hamburg to Munich -  for many hours - call us! 

Eloping and Destination WEddings with us

In case you wish your ceremony to be very personal, special and intimate and you have concerns with planning a full sized marriage - why not get away for and elope? Celebrating the happiest day in your life in the stunning German countryside or in the beautiful villages alongside the Rhiver Rhine. Just the two of you eloping on a beautiful mountain, overlooking a stunning landscape, or maybe get married surrounded by your family, Best Man, Maid of Honor and closest friends and Silke & Chris Photography as your photographer at a beautiful place somewhere Germany?  Call us any time on our mobiles!


We love this kind of wedding adventure. We decided to elope to a beautiful location for our own Wedding Vow Renewal and would always chose to do so again. Planning a ceremony with your closest friends is a truly best emotional and intense experience. For our couples eloping with us will ensure an intimate reportage of the two of you exchanging your vows and an adventure you will never forget.


And if you would rather celebrate your wedding day in a classical set-up , but have chosen a very special location like Lake Eibsee, one of the countless castles or another beautiful venue we are happy to be your destination wedding photographer in Germany! We will be covering your special day for many hours.  It is your call to decide!


If you are a happily married couple, but would like to elope and renew your vows in a stunning setting, we would love to be your photographer.


We love being with our couples whereever they want to elope and exchange vows and we offer competitive fixed prices for photo and video reportages of destination weddings and elopements. We would be delighted planning your elopement and destination wedding package for photos and film in Germany any time just with you.

You can call us any time and we will as Silke & Chris Photography  love to be your photographers for as many hours as your wish us to accompany you.

Whether you choose the Alps for your ceremony, the River Rhine valley, or one of the beautiful vineyards in Rheingau or Rheinhessen as a venue:  Germany is best for a breathtaking get away for couples. Be it an intimate elopement ceremony, a luxury castle venue celebration, traveling with your loved ones or just a romantic get away that you need: your special day will be carved into your memories forever. 

Regardless if your ceremony takes place in a dream castle location, a cosy German countryside estate or simply in pure nature. Everything is possible to celebrate your love and your most important day with your loved one.

It is time to start planning getting married in Germany! Elope with us as your wedding photographer or filmer to one of the beautiful sites in Germany: be it on a mountain in the Alps, with your loved ones in an old vineyard, in a medieval castle: as your photographers we will capture your emotions on the special days that will remain carved in your memories. Find a beautiful hotel or castle in the German alps on a mountain as accomodation for your guests and as a hotel venue for your marriage any time and place. A castle wedding in hotels is ideal for getting married. Your marriage will be and adventure and unforgettable experience, for hours and hours. Just give us a call!

the best places to elope in germany

Regardless of how many hours you are planning to elope - we can help you to chose the best locations for eloping and celebrating your destination wedding in Germany, be it in one of the bustling cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or Cologne or in scenic environments, such as in

- The Bavarian Alps

- Berchtesgaden Nationalpark

- Allgäu Mountains

- Saxon Switzerland National Park
- The Black Forest
- Cochem with the majestic Burg Eltz

- The River Rhine valley with its countless medieval castles
- North Sea
- Baltic Sea

Silke & Chris Photography come as the photographer of our couples, but leave as friends - from Hamburg to Munich, for as many hours as you need us by your side. Give us a call and contact any time for a great experience!

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