Moments in Tango 2015 - the slide show

Dance Art photography is a sujet that we love very much, as we are not only documenting, but also experiencing Tango in its full depth in our dancing with each other and with our numerous Tango friends around Europe.


As in the previous years since 2012 we have put together a collection of some of the best photos taken in Milongas, Encuentros and Marathons we have been invited to as photographers.


It has been a pleasure for us to capture all these moments of immersion, fun and bliss. We arranged the collection in a slideshow to wonderful di Sarli Tango music. If you would like to tag yourself in the pics please refer to our Facebook photopage Silke & Chris Photography.


Enjoy - we are looking forward to meeting and tangoing next year on the dance floors of Europe!




Silke & Chris


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