A Tango Studio Shoot

Ilaria and Paolo are a super nice couple dancing and teaching Tango in Frankfurt. They asked us to shoot them dancing Tango, as they wanted to use the photos in their brochures and online presence for their upcoming series of Tango workshops. 

Their intention was to show them naturally dancing with each other, but in a controlled environment. We decided to do the shoot in our home studio with a grey backdrop.

We used a three light set-up - two striplights with grids coming from the back on each side and a 55cm beauty dish coming from a 45 degree angle above them. 
Once the lights had been set correctly we started Tango music and Ilaria and Paolo started to dance ... and the magic kicked in.
We did a full series of photos with them dancing, dressing and re-dressing and dancing again. We also leveraged the dual striplight set-up for some low key shoots - please see below for the great, natural and dramatic results. 


Silke & Chris

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